Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Homeless Camp Puts Down Roots With Seattle's OK : NPR

Homeless Camp Puts Down Roots With Seattle's OK : NPR: "February 7, 2011 from KUOW

A lot of cities view homeless encampments like weeds that have sprung up in the civic garden. Sacramento and Fort Worth, for example, have shut them down.

Seattle, though, is taking a different approach: It wants a city-run camp on city-owned property.

But some locals are criticizing the project for being at odds with the city's own plan to end homelessness.

'There Needs To Be A Place For Them'

Seattle's camp is dubbed Nickelsville — as a jab at the city's former mayor Greg Nickels, who tried to shut it down. The camp came together about three years ago and has moved 17 times since then.

On a recent Sunday night, Nickelsville was full to capacity. About 100 of Seattle's more than 8,000 homeless people live there. For now, it's set up at an old firehouse in the city's north end, next to a stretch of strip malls. The parking lot is packed with tents."

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